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Beijing Fangshan COFCO VANKE Changyang Peninsula Plaza shopping mall atrium transparent LED display

Product model:NP SeriesScreen Size:14.4m x 8m
Project Location:ChinaProject Time:2015-07-02

Project Name: Shopping mall at COFCO VANKE Changyang Peninsula Plaza Fangshan Beijing

Model: XR16

Dimension: 14.4 x 8m

Brightness: 2500 nits

Total weight of LED screens: 1.3 Ton,

Total weight of  Steel Structure: 1.5 Ton

Installation: 3 days

Time: April 2015

<img src="/UploadFile/images/20160524/6359967872107233409011411.jpg" _src="/UploadFile/images/20160524/6359967872107233409011411.jpg""/>