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NEXNOVO XRW8--Sephora digital art flagship store in Beijing

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Is it true that traditional off-line retail stores are declining under the impact of e-commerce?

Sephora's first digital flagship store, located in TaiKoo Li, Sanlitun, Beijing. This store is popular on the internet due to its "new play of beauty consumption space" and it brings new atmosphere and new ideas to traditional off-line retail stores.


Where online shopping can't reach -- immersive experience scene

For young consumers, they are more willing to feel and experience during shopping, this kind of pleasure can never be brought from online shopping . Landmark shop and immersive scene experience has become the "trump card" of head retail brand stores.

Project information

Project Name: NEXNOVO- Sephora digital art flagship store in TaiKoo Li,Sanlitun

Project Location: Chaoyang District, Beijing

Application Model: XRW8

Application Area: 115 sqm

Hundreds of flowers floating on the LED screen surrounded on all sides,revealing an atmosphere of art and fashion. The LED screen is switching to play high-definition beauty promotional movies, one step makes a scene. It makes people's mind wafting... Everywhere you look reflects the core concept by Sephora--"Beauty by me" 

In fact, no matter to attract consumers' attention or establish a new brand image, we need to grasp the young people's market. Using the LED transparent screen to create a different and cool space, and create a more timely and innovative immersive experience for consumers.

More than 80% transparency enable excellent natural lighting for the store. The high-definition dynamic pictures make the building a perfect 3D effect of light and shadow experience. In addition, 6000nits brightness allows Sephora's brand advertising to be clearly visible even during the day time, which can enhance the commercial value of the building.


The display screen has gone through 32 quality control steps, integrated lamination, low failure rate. Each bonding pad on the PCB board has been processed 8 times, and the soldering is firm. The products sell well in 70+ countries and regions, and have passed FCC, CE, CCC, UL, ETL and other certifications. 


The LED strips and cabinet are all strictly customized according to the division of the keel structure of the facade. The cabinet is customized in 2 meters, fitting the building keel perfectly. At the same time, the screens are used top&down fixed installation methods, no auxiliary structure is required, so as to further reduce the occlusion.