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NEXNOVO is again awarded with another patent for key technology

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Recently,NEXNOVO has obtained another patent with its new invention authorized by the state intellectual property office.Improving the reliability and transmittance of embedded glass LED,this invention has tackled the daunting technological bottleneck and manifest big progress by NEXNOVO while at the forefront of transparent LED niche market.


NEXNOVO Glass LED uses its high density industrial tempered glass as its base material to combine with its patented integrated-IC technology and its nano film circuits.It keeps the high transmittance of original glass but also maximizes the utilization of space by delivering dazzling and vivid colors in perfect fusion with space via versatile control system.


So far this technological breakthrough of glass led has been successfully applied to multiple of key projects.

3.jpgProject:Topnew(industrial park) renovation project in ZhangJiaWan,China
Address:TongZhou District,Beijing
Model:NSN10 Glass LED
Project:Wharf of ZhuJiang Cruise in Guangzhou
Address:YueXiu District in Gunagzhou,China
Model:NSN10 Glass LED 

We keep looking forward to shaping the future in the way of sole focus on the improvements of transparent led technology. In continuous adherence to the principles of open mind and mutual benefits,NEXNOVO will gladly push forward more popular applications of transparent led technology with the aim to generate more values to customers,industries and society.