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China-UAE Economic and Trade Digital Expo

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Go Through the Hard Times and Restart the Mutual Prosperity
China-UAE Economic and Trade Digital Expo


The First China-UAE Economic and Trade Digital Expo co-hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and UAE Ministry of Economy will be held from July 15th-21st,2020. In the Smart City / Comprehensive Exhibition of Urban Complex section, NEXNOVO Technology will live broadcast the international-leading transparent LED display series to global users and give them an exquisite visual feast. 
The exhibition aims to promote economic and trade exchanges between China-UAE, promote the deepening of strategic cooperative partnership and overcome the negative impact of the epidemic on bilateral economic trade cooperation.

>>About Expo
9 Core Sectors, including: smart cities and big data, energy saving and new energy vehicles, modern agriculture, free zones and investment, new building materials, textiles and fashion, education, health care and tourism. At that time, it will focus on promoting the existing economic and trade projects in China-UAE.

Date: 15th-21st July at 14:00pm (Beijing Time)

NEXNOVO Live Streaming Time: 16th-21st July from 14:00-15:00pm(Beijing Time)

Exhibition form: "Cloud Platform for Trade promotion" online live broadcast


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Exhibition scale: more than 1,000 enterprises from China and UAE will participate in the exhibition, and about 10,000 buyers will be invited


Organizer: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, UAE Ministry of Economics 

Undertaker: China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, UAE "Hug China" Executive Committee

>>About United Arab Emirates


UAE ranks first among Arab countries in terms of innovative economies and is regarded as the engine of the Middle East economy. As one of the founding members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, UAE has been China's second largest trading partner among Arab countries and the largest export market in the Middle East for many years.
China and UAE are at the beginning of the "Century Plan" and bilateral relations are gradually deepening. According to Deloitte's "Super Smart City" management consulting report, more than 1,000 smart cities have been launched or are under construction in the world. Digital city management and services such as "Smart Business Complex", "Smart Window" and "Smart Transportation" have become an inevitable trend for future urban development. The transparent LED display with the characteristics of smart broadcast control, long lifetime, energy saving and environmental friendly, adjustable brightness, waterproof and dust-proof, and strong UV resistance will also become a new engine to promote the construction of Smart Cities and high-quality economic development.
As the inventor and manufacturer of transparent LED display, NEXNOVO Technology has more than 1000 successful cases with products sold to more than 70 countries and regions, and has completed Dubai shopping center project, ABC Bank project in Bahrain, Development Bureau project in Saudi Arabia and other well-known projects in the Arab region. NEXNOVO has a lot of deep and extensive overseas cooperation experience.

Dubai Shopping Center Project

ABC Bank Project in Bahrain


Development Bureau Project in Saudi Arabia

NEXNOVO Technology will take this opportunity to continue to provide high-quality innovative products and services to global users. Adhering to the concept “for next innovation”, NEXNOVO Technology will bring stronger competitive advantages and higher added value to partners.

NEXNOVO Technology sincerely invites friends from all walks of life to visit the cloud exhibition, discuss and exchange ideas, again NEXNOVO will bring you more surprises.

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