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NEXNOVO Glass LED at Hotel and Shop Plus exhibtion in Shanghai

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On April 2, the four-day 2021 Shanghai Hotel & Shop Plus was successfully closed at the Pudong New International Expo Center. 


As an inventor & manufacturer focusing on providing commercial space solutions, NEXNOVO Technology has been on transparent LED screen for many years. This time, we laid out the booth around the topic of “Commercial space design and scene building”, and vividly demonstrated the “beauty of blending technology and art”of glass LED screen.

The NEXNOVO booth is the overall display space designed based on Glass LED screens, which is made by 7 different series of transparent LED displays, with a total area of 50 sqm. 


Multiple display areas set their display locations appropriately according to the application attributes of different products, demonstrating the display effects of various series of products in different application scenarios. The open aesthetic space brings more high-quality visit experience to the audience.

Outstanding and fashionable is the basic demand of commercial signage. NT screen placed at the top of the door, and the main facade is built with high and wide NE curtain wall screen, NSN window screen and NJ transparent screen, which endows the wall with a shocking visual impact. 





On one side of the booth, the NB barrier screen is a used as the semi-isolated fence, which has both the protective function of the traditional fence and the multimedia characteristics of the glass LED screen; on the other side, the NS moving screen doors are used as creative entrances, demonstrating the diversity and flexibility of the space, which is fully advanced.



The front of the booth is decorated with free-standing NP poster screens, demonstrating a more flexible application for LED displays.


The transparent and high-definition glass LED screen and eye-catching creative video animations not only brings immersive audio-visual enjoyment to the audience, but also attracts many people in catering management, exhibition design, architectural design and other fields to enter the negotiation area to explore new ideas of commercial space design.

In the four-day exhibition, NEXNOVO’s products were greatly affirmed by customers from large-scale commercial brands, cutting-edge hotels, shopping malls and commercial space industries etc.

Changing the traditional commercial space with digital experience, creating a consumption scene of “thousands of stores with thousands of faces” by fusing technology and art, has become a trend of offline commercial space innovation. We firmly believe that the era of glass LED display in commercial space applications has arrived!