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NW series screen--A new landmark in Hefei, Anhui province

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Nowadays, with more and more concentration on unique style,the marketing center of real estates have evolved into arena for architectural design aesthetics.


Project information:

Project Name:NEXNOVO--Hefei Merchants Real Estate·Dongwangfu marketing center 

Project location: Baohe District, Hefei City

Project model: NW20

Project area: 116 sqm

The project is located in the southeast of Baohe District in Hefei, which is known as "the first district in Anhui". It is built by China Merchants Shekou, which ranks among the top 10 real estate enterprises in China in 2020. It has 67,000 sqm of community-based business, and is close to Luogang Central Park and AAAA’s Dawu ecological agriculture scenic spots.The transportation is convenient and the geographical position is superior.




The project is labeled as "Starlight aesthetics demonstration area and urban complex". In response to the owner's request, in order to fully display the spatial art and aesthetic charm of the marketing center, the facade needs to be built into an amazing landmark with technology and attractiveness.



The whole screen is light, transparent, seamless and frameless, which makes space and nature integrated in one part.

It is reported that on the opening day, the city exhibition hall was crowded by customers. According to statistics, there were more than 1,000 customers in that day. Meanwhile, more than one hundred thousand people viewed the news online for this, which blew up the real estate industry in Hefei.


NW series(film screen)developed by NEXNOVO,which is light, transparent, flexible and come with intelligent control system. The core technology (Drive-In LED) is 100% independently researched and developed by NEXNOVO.Breakpoint transmission function has double protection from main and backup signals. If a LED fails, the backup signal will start automatically without affecting the display effect, which guarantee the performance being stable and reliable.


The NW series uses fully transparent circuit as the base material, and the surface is pasted with high transparent PET film. When it is not lit, it looks the same with ordinary glass,then no affection for the indoor lighting.The back is sleek and glossy, without any components exposed. It is easy to stick, and is integrated with the facade glass, transparent and natural.

The unique visual effect and immersive lighting show of Dongwangfu’s marketing center have attracted the attention of the whole city. Its evidence of the success of the marketing center, which also reflects that real estates are no longer satisfied with the commercial features, but upgrade the whole building to "high level" of immersive media space and artistic style.



With the mission of "Carrier of a better life" China Merchants Shekou and NEXNOVOs product values of "Making the vision more transparent, more beautiful and more intelligent"coincide. They are the most beautiful commitment to the architecture and living space. And the choice of the owners and designers is the trust and recognition of NEXNOVO's product’s quality and value.