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XRW Series

Designed for fix installation applications 

NP Series

Led posters for windows advertising all around the world 

NR series

Designed for rental applications like stages and events with quick installation

NS Series

Designed for glass facade at high-end brand stores

NJ Series

Transparent LED display  for the demand of window advertising of Retail store.

NT series

NexEsign is an ultra-transparent glass LED display using NEXNOVO's patented integrated-IC technology and nano film circuits.

NB series

These NEXNOVO LED glass barriers will open many new creative possibilities for architects and designers.

NE series

 LED photoelectric glass screen use high density industrial tempered glass as the base material to combine with their patented integrated-IC technology and its Nano film circuits.

NSN series

NSN Glass LED series Photoelectric glass window screen are specially developed and designed for high-end window advertising and in-store customer experiences.