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NexEsign Series

Transparent glass led display Esign.

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NexEsign is an ultra-transparent glass LED display using NEXNOVO's patented integrated-IC technology and nano film circuits. This display has an all-in-one cloud base content creation & management application, allowing a complete central administration. It is the new generation of smart high-tech displays that brings innovation to any and most markets requiring efficient and Avant-guard signage.

NexEsign is versatile, use it for simple way finders, critical information displays or just amazing advertisers. In environment such as; airports, train stations, retail stores, healthcare, education system, corporate offices, food and beverage industry, tourist sites and much more.

Transparent glass led display Esign(3).jpgTransparent glass led display Esign(4).jpg Transparent glass led display Esign(5).jpgTransparent glass led display Esign(6).jpgTransparent glass led display Esign06Transparent glass led display Esign08Transparent glass led display Esign09Transparent glass led display Esign(9).jpgTransparent glass led display Esign(10).jpg

Technical specifications

Glass poster|glass LED

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NexEsign is the new generation of smart high-tech displays t...


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