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XRL Series, XLR3.9

XRL Series

XRL Series Designed for fix installation applications

XRL Series, XLR3.9 features

NEXNOVO XRL series transparent LED screen is a standard and easy customizable product with high cost-effectiveness, designed for varieties of digital glass curtain wall solution requirements.

XRL Series, XLR3.9XRL Series, XLR3.9 Transparent glass led display
XLR3.9 panel

XRL Series Reduce pixels on PCB board to match all kinds of curtain wall structures or completed glass curtain wall.Simple structure, easy installation,save time and cost for operation and maintenance

XRL Series, XLR3.9
XRL series design

XRL Series  The weight is 1/2 less than traditional display,          
no additional steel structure required.

XRL Transparent glass

XRL Series Transparency could be as high as 74% - 85% The thickness of each PCB is only 1.9mm,
which would have higher transparency.

XRL Series, XLR3.9 operationXRL Series, XLR3.9

XRL Series Technical specifications

XRL 参数图片1_副本.png

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