NEXNOVO® transparent led display/glass led display/glass wall screen Manufacturer

SARA cosmetics store transparent LED display

Product model:XRW SeriesScreen Size:2㎡
Project Location:North AmericaProject Time:2018-03-15

NEXNOVO transparent LED display for Make Up Store

Another coveted makeup brand is equipped with NEXNOVO, and the fact proves that NEXNOVO is worthy. When most exclusive luxury and beautiful retail store meets a high-tech, high-end and high quality display, something amazing happen.

High pixel pitch(3.9*7.8mm) ensures a perfect performance and allow a very short viewing distance, which highly show the brand image.

High brightness(5500-6000nits) and high transparency(>80%) make it still clear under the sunlight and leave little effect on the natural lighting.

The manager has recorded the moment when he peeled off the traditional poster and showed the transparent one, which he said it is a great moment for not only his store, but the whole modern society, a new society always keeps moving.