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Transparent LED curtain wall - Shanghai TX Youth Energy Center

Product model:XRW SeriesScreen Size:303
Project Location:ChinaProject Time:2020-05-26

It is worth mentioning that the Huaihai Road business district, where this project is located, is also one of four such districts in Shanghai. NEXNOVO's stylish designs and remarkable transparency screens met the brands expectations, which was in line with the TX Huaihai's fashion trend positioning and the high-end tonality of various brands.

This project was dressed with the NEXNOVO XRW series, stretching to 40 meters high and covering an area of 303 square meters in total. The XRW series are high-definition and high-brightness, with an amazing transparency rate of 75-90%. They can be adapted to various situations and applications such as glass curtain walls, commercial buildings, large-scale supermarkets and malls, gymnasiums and also glass elevators.

When the screen is not lit, the strips are almost invisible at only three meters away, perfectly integrated with the glass curtain wall. When lit, the brightness reaches 7000 nits, making the content ultra-visible even in the sunniest days.

Different brands, different ideas and colors are fully interpreted on the screen, attracting attention and pushing messages, bringing sustainable business benefits to the owners.

High transparency and superb designs, enhances business value