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XRW16 Glass wall advertising on MediaMarkt, Belgium

Product model:XRW SeriesScreen Size:43.5 sqm
Project Location:EuropeProject Time:2019-09-19

XRW16 Glass wall advertising on MediaMarkt, Belgium

Trust was built in 2010, the consumer chose NEXNOVO, the first inventor of transparent LED display for their flagship store's facade. After 6 years of stable performance, the old soldier retired with honor, meanwhile the upgraded NEXNOVO product was appointed to take the place again. The XRW16 transparent LED display is going to shine for the next 6 years, or even more.Project location: MediaMarkt, Belgium

Model: XRW16

Rollout time: 35days

Pixel Pitch: 15.63 * 15.63mm

Resolution: 64*32 / 52*32

Difficulty: Customize

Area: 43.5sqm