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Great success of the LED display installation at the Lamborghini Grand Opening on August 20th

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At the Grand Opening of Lamborghini’s newest dealership store in the greater Chicago area, NEXNOVO Technology was proud to collaborate with the dealership with its two high-resolution transparent LED Displays (XT5&P10) in Chicago, USA. Lamborghini, the world-renowned luxury sports car brand, always strive to achieve great innovation and technology in their products. The CEO of Lamborghini, Mr. Stephan Winkelmann, is also very supportive of the installation of the X-Glass Transparent LED products. He believes that Lamborghini wants to work with companies like NEXNOVO Technology to always bring the best state of art technology to their customers and improve their experiences.

The pixel pitch for the two models (XT5 & P10) is respectively 5×8mm and 10 mm. The displays not only provide high-resolution quality and brightness to achieve the visual effects, but also the holographic effect to the central stage. The central piece X-Glass display (P10) has a total surface area of 10.752 ㎡, which allow the newest Lamborghini promotional movie to be clearly shown. Lamborghini was very impresses by the different experience that the transparent X-Glass LED display has brought to its customers. Guests were very impressed by the X-Glass that been used to showcase Lamborghini’s new Huracan model. The display technology also caught a lot of media attention during the event.

NEXNOVO Technology has also been the pioneer in the technology of transparent LED displays. The X-Glass display series have been widely used around the globe, serving numerous big brand names including Lamborghini, Zara, LandRover, NineWest, Chow Sang Sang, Hyundai and more.