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Inform before they even step in! NEXNOVO Transparent LED Sliding Doors

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Inform before they even step in!

NEXNOVO Transparent LED Sliding Doors

With the rapid development of Shenzhen in China, pedestrian traffic is quite important and growing at an impressive rate. Many shopping malls and corporate offices are looking to impress and inform the passers faster and catch their attention. NEXNOVO has proven once again the ability to do such feat for this real-estate developer. Read on to see this project in details…



NEXNOVO was facing to achieve this spectacular entrance.

1.The cabinets were standing at 3.7M high, which gave us a major challenge reaching the ground floor using conventional elevators. A crane system was necessary to lower the doors from the exterior balcony


2.The installation area had only a clearance of 3.6M high, our install team had to manually tilt the 75 kg doors to get them in place.


3.The upper section of the original door openings only had a 20CM X 40CM workable area to install the door tracking mechanism. By using brains, know-how and experience, the NEXNOVO install team made this look like a walk in the park!


Dress to impress!



These NEXNOVO LED sliding doors have dressed this fabulous entrance in a fashion which no other transparent manufacturer has done before! This not only impress and inform the viewers, but it also shows the world that NEXNOVO will always be ahead and offer the NEXT innovations. We create the visual difference in any windows, call us for your new projects!

Thumbs up NEXNOVO!

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From the whole customer management team, we got the thumbs up once again!

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