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Power up your architectural media facades - Nexnovo transparent LED screens intensifies Macau

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Recently, Nexnovo has successfully installed transparent LED displays in the international fashion city “ONE CENTRAL” in Macau. Creating colors and technological creativity, Nexnovo light’s up the fashion city once again!

Macao is located in the central and southern part of Guangdong province in China, directly on the west bank of the Pearl River delta. Macao, has always taken the tourism and gambling industry as an important economic pillar. Due to its market size, development space, the advertising was limited by the local restriction of the economic situation. The model of advertising in Macao has been relatively conservative in the past few decades. Outdoor printed ads, traditional signs and façade lighting were mainly used, making it difficult for new technologies in the advertising world to enter the Macao market.


One Central Macau is a waterfront flagship shopping mall in Nape Area, Macau. With a gross floor area of 200,000 square feet, it has attracted international brands. The stylish mixed-use development standing in the heart of the dynamic city life of Macau, with an exciting range of leisure, entertainment, enjoyment and lifestyle options, this premium destination offers a truly exceptional shopping experience comparable to that of Central, Hong Kong or Beverly Hill, Los Angeles.


Nexnovo’s project is a big breakthrough to Macao’s traditional advertising scene. Customized Nexnovo’s XRW model with high resolution, brightness and transparency were installed between two famous luxury brands. – (Dior and Louis Vuitton). This perfect combination of new generation technology displays and historical brand culture make this square just extraordinary.



The Nexnovo displays were precisely customized in order to make the screens seamlessly part of the structures. Insuring maximum transparency and perfect blend with the building designs. These beautiful facades are now total work of arts, making them the center of attraction.



Nexnovo transparent LED screens are now showing amazing effects from the creative content of these famous brands, having logos and ads floating on the glass facades has captured many curious visitors! The high brightness of 6000+ nits XRW power house screens will guarantee their visibility even during the sunniest days in Macao!


Nexnovo transparent LED screens debut in Macao is the starting point of the combination between advertising and new technology, marking the new age of architectural media designs. There is no doubt that this was a great and successful challenge for Nexnovo’s team.

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