FantaSign-Transparent Glass LED Displays

NEXNOVO's newest evolution in digital glass LED signage. This smart MINI display seamlessly delivers your messages, whether they're in text, simple graphics, or vibrant multiple colors, all in stunning definition. Designed to adhere seamlessly to any glass surface for captivating easy shopfront displays, FantaSign boasts a user-friendly content management APP, ensuring a dynamic and engaging visual experience.


High Brightness

Easy installation

Light, Transparent & Thin




An extremely user-friendly app

Smart Service Mode

Easy and efficient content creation




Various content libraries offer fonts,

backgrounds, animations,

and numerous templates.

Choose a template, personalize it,

and publish with ease!




Create & Publish yourself

FantaSign App

Use your camera or browser to scan the QR code


High brightness

Content remains visible in daylight with over 4000 nits.


Over 75% transparency

Eye-catching solution comparing to traditional poster



The FantaSign seamlessly blends in, displaying scrolling text and graphics without compromising the space's natural lighting. A flawless fusion with any glass windows!




Easy installation

Stick to glass directly


Light, Transparent & Thin

Standard size

One size fits all! Dimensions of 800mm width by 160mm height, and a mere 2.1KG




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