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In recent years, with the rapid expansion of the cities, traffic congestion has become more and more serious. The separation of people and vehicles has become a necessary solution to increase the traffic efficiency. With the fast development of the society, people now not only focus on the overpass's function, but also care about the fitness of the overpass and the surrounding environments.

Incorporating innovative designs and technologies like urban landscape lighting and modern concepts can enhance footbridges' functionality and visual appeal, ultimately providing a better experience for users.

Novo-Glass is a revolutionary product that combines urban landscape and city illumination. With more than 92% transparency, it does not obstruct light, is energy-efficient, eco-friendly, waterproof, and fire-resistant. Its versatile applications make it a perfect choice for modernizing urban spaces, promoting technology, and enhancing the integration of culture, business, and tourism, creating a new era of humanistic technology.

Barrier application features

Guardrail flyover
Guardrail overpasses(2)

Substitute for normal glass
Protect and illumination dual value

Guardrail overpasses(3)

Circular design

Guardrail overpasses(4)

High brightness
Meet the demands of daytime advertising

Guardrail overpasses(5)

Interactive media available

Guardrail overpasses(6)

Modular installation
Easy design for Installation and disassembly

Guardrail overpasses(7)

Dustproof,waterproof,anti-collision,IP65 waterproof.

Guardrail overpasses(8)

Stable quality of NE curtain wall series has approved four properties test.


Guardrail overpasses(9)

Innovative city lightning technology

Guardrail overpasses(10)

Architecture decorating

Guardrail overpasses(11)

Maximizing commercial value

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