Market Application

                Being a new technology product to display the creative ideas, our transparent led screens have been widely used in various scenarios such as HiTech Showrooms, Corporate Exhibition Halls, Exhibition Summits, Science Museums, etc. Transparent display has become a very important medium for the knowledge spreading and new technology presenting.

                Besides, as a safe and environment-friendly building material, our Novo-Glass--the glass LED display has higher transparency and a higher sense of technology. This smart glass LED product has widely expanded the applications in the above scenarios and brought more creativities.

Application characteristics of exhibition and display scenes

Exhibition Display Scene
Exhibition display solutions(2)

High transparency of over 90%
No influence on the sights and sunlights

Exhibition display solutions(3)

No damage on the indoor architectural environment
Blend perfectly with the environment 

Exhibition display solutions(4)

Frameless design, size customizable
Simple and beautiful

Exhibition display solutions(5)

Alternative glass installation
Safety certified architectural tempered glass

Exhibition display solutions(6)

Modular installation
Easy to install or disassemble

Exhibition display solutions(7)

Available for interactive devices
Create interactive experience

Exhibition display solutions(8)

Safe and reliable


Exhibition display solutions(9)

Fashion and technology senses

Exhibition display solutions(10)

Blend with the environment perfectly

Exhibition display solutions(11)

Partition and beautify the space

Exhibition display solutions(12)

Interactive and eye-catching

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