Market Application

                LED transparent screens have revolutionized the way technology is displayed in exhibitions and museums, offering high permeability and a futuristic look.

                LED photoelectric glass is also becoming popular as a safe and eco-friendly building material, with its higher permeability and advanced technology enhancing its application in exhibitions, science and technology halls, and more. The use of these innovative products has expanded the scope of spreading scientific and technological knowledge and displaying cutting-edge technologies.

Application characteristics of exhibition and display scenes

Exhibition Display Scene
Exhibition display solutions(2)

High permeability of over 90%
Does not affect the line of sight and lighting

Exhibition display solutions(3)

Does not damage the indoor architectural environment
Integrate into one

Exhibition display solutions(4)

Borderless design, size can be customized
Minimalist aesthetics

Exhibition display solutions(5)

Alternative glass installation
CCC certified safe architectural tempered glass

Exhibition display solutions(6)

Modular installation
Easy installation and removal

Exhibition display solutions(7)

Connected to interactive devices
Create an interactive experience

Exhibition display solutions(8)

High stability and reliability
7x24 hours uninterrupted operation


Exhibition display solutions(9)

Fashionable and technological sense

Exhibition display solutions(10)

Integrate with indoor environment

Exhibition display solutions(11)

Partition and beautify the space

Exhibition display solutions(12)

Interactive and eye-catching

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