Market Application

Upgrade to dynamic advertising and captivate your audience with visually stunning displays.
The future of advertising window design is all about creating more vivid and interactive displays that generate deeper engagement with consumers and the public. Stay ahead of the trend.


While grilled LED transparent screens have been popular in retail, the high resolution of LED Novoglass makes it the ideal product for the future. Upgrade your display today.


Tap into the over 10 billion market size of retail stores by updating every 3-5 years. Stay ahead of the competition.

Application Features of Retail Window Scenario

Advertising media scene
Retail Window(2)

blend with the scene

Retail Window(3)

High resolution High brightness
Can meet the needs of outdoor daytime playback

Retail Window(4)

seamless splicing
special-shaped splicing available

Retail Window(5)

Cloud control, centralized management

Retail Window(6)

Easy to set up, playlist storage,flexible publishing

Retail Window(7)

Environmentally friendly, long life


Retail Window(8)

NovoGlass LED seamlessly integrates with the building, giving it a modern and upgraded look that enhances its overall grade and appeal.

Retail Window(9)

DIY one-click publishing, easy and fast

Retail Window(10)

High-definition display, diversified publicity

Retail Window(11)

Interactive, eye-catching, attracts attention

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