Market Application

The innovative LED transparent screen from NEXNOVO is a fully customizable solution that offers unique screen shapes and special media content to highlight personality and cultural characteristics. It adds a touch of creativity and uniqueness to any space it's installed in.

LED transparent screens are highly versatile and are commonly used in various urban lighting scenarios, stages, events, landscapes, decorations, and commercial advertisements. They are perfect for creating city landmarks, enhancing the city's image, and highlighting commercial value.

Creative solution advantages

Advertising media scene
Creative display solution(2)


Creative display solution(3)

Variable shape
triangle, curve, round
oval, trapezoid,ect.

Creative display solution(4)

visible during the day time

Creative display solution(5)

IP rated
moisture-proof + dustproof+anticollision

Creative display solution(6)

ECO friendly
24 x 7

Creative display solution(7)

long life span


Creative display solution(8)

Integrate with the architectural design

Creative display solution(9)

stunning visual impact

Creative display solution(10)

innovative, unique, and creative

Creative display solution(11)

digital experience and attractive

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