Market application

Novo-Glass, with its unique features such as transparency and waterproofness, has found popularity in applications such as city parks, characteristic towns, and lighting design, bringing exceptional design effects to the market. Its ability to display various content adds to its appeal.

Characteristic town. According to the summary of local governments' planning of characteristic town, 2,468 characteristic towns will be built nationwide, and the average investment of each characteristic town is about 5 to 6 billion RMB. It is predicted that the landscape lighting market space of transparent led display screens in characteristic towns is close to 300 billion RMB.

Landscape lightning. The post-Covid-19 era in China has seen a surge in the development of the cultural industry and nighttime economy, aided by policies promoting consumption and the new infrastructure drive. With internal circulation of the economy, the industry is expected to surpass 100 billion rmb, opening up exciting opportunities for growth and development in this sector.

Landscape lightning application features

Landscape lighting scene
Landscape Lighting(2)

Substitute for normal glass
Protect and illumination dual value

Landscape Lighting(3)

Special shape design
Creative illumination modeling

Landscape Lighting(4)

High brightness
Meet the demands of daytime advertising

Landscape Lighting(5)

Interactive media available

Landscape Lighting(6)

Modular installation
Easy design for Installation and disassembly

Landscape Lighting(7)

Waterproof design, Strong stability
24hrs non stop working

Value point

Landscape Lighting(8)

Advanced technology meets urban aesthetics

Landscape Lighting(9)

creating a perfect blend of urban landscape, technology, and humanity

Landscape Lighting(10)

revolutionizing the way we illuminate our cities.

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