LED Grille Display

LED grille display is a high-tech product with high transparency and brightness that is installed behind the beams of a glass facade. It is ideal for use in various applications, including curtain walls, shopping mall atriums, sightseeing elevators, and other areas that require an impressive visual display. With its high resolution and excellent performance, it can enhance the overall aesthetics of any building or space.



Core technology-- High quality LED lamps

High Brightness


Anti- UV

Long life span

The LED lamps used in outdoor displays have high brightness and color consistency, as well as anti-UV and moisture-proof properties, ensuring a long lifespan. The use of matte encapsulation enhances color balance, and an all-black housing increases contrast ratio.
With a monthly output of over 400KK, single-bin single-batch lamps are selected to ensure high consistency of brightness and color.

Patented technology - National invention patent

3D SMT technology

NEXNOVO's 3D-SMT™ Technology has been developed over several years with extensive research and funding. The technology ensures that every soldering plate on the PCB undergoes an 8-stage process, providing the best surface for LED connections and enhancing the overall performance and durability of the product.

Each LEDs can withstand at least 40 N ( ± 4Kg ) of force before breaking lose
This unique design of mounting the LED lamps at the edge of the PCB and the conductive copper inside allows for faster and more uniform heat conduction
ensuring that the IC is evenly distributed and there is no color aberration.


Extremely transparent

Thickness of the PCB less than 1.6mm

Transparency 65~90%

The LED strips' are almost imperceptible from three meters' vantage point.


Modular design

Standard cabinet

Various pixel pitch available for different applications



Easy installation

Modules can be easily assembled by hand.

Equipped with standardized spare parts.




High brightness, low-power consumption

Less 30% power consumption than regular LED screens

Brightness up to 7500nits

Clearly visible in daylight