Market Application

To keep up with the development of the times, large-scale commercial spaces need to provide an immersive experience for customers. This requires advanced commercial service equipment to gather consumer groups, meet their shopping and entertainment needs, and create a diversified and modern shopping environment.

LED transparent screens and LED Novo-Glass improve the artistic atmosphere of commercial shopping centers, attracting popularity, enhancing urban culture and upgrading business circles.

Application Features of Commercial Center Scenario

Exhibition Display Scene
Business Center Display Solutions(2)

Integrate with commercial space
Create an immersive experience

Business Center Display Solutions(3)

Adapt to different needs of commercial spaces

Business Center Display Solutions(4)

special-shaped design available
Creative business space

Business Center Display Solutions(5)

High brightness
Meet the needs of advertising during the day

Business Center Display Solutions(6)

High stability and high reliability
7x24 hours of uninterrupted work

Business Center Display Solutions(7)

Energy saving, environmental protection and safety


Business Center Display Solutions(8)

Integrated with commercial space, immersive experience

Business Center Display Solutions(9)

Integrating decoration, beautification and advertising revenue generation

Business Center Display Solutions(10)

Fashion trend, strong sense of technology

Business Center Display Solutions(11)

Eye-catching, attracts attention

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