NSN Series Glass LED

The NSN Glass LED series is a premium solution for high-end window advertising. It uses high-density industrial tempered glass as the base material, combined with their patented integrated-IC technology and nano-film circuit. With its versatility, it's ideal for various settings, such as glass windows, interior and exterior partitions, landscape lighting, transport stations, and showrooms.

The NSN series' light and transparent design creates a visually open space with a flow of light and color, offering exceptional transparency.

High transparency

seamless assembling

frameless design

modular design

energy saving

stable performance


High resolution

Delicate and vivid color, high-definition display for showroom

High transparency & high brightness

With more than 92% transparency, the screen is barely visible from 3-meter away.
Brightness reach 5000nits which meets brightness requirements in direct sunlight conditions.


Frameless design
Single panel maximum width or height can reach 3 meters.

Frameless keel structure design, simple and beautiful
Truly large areas of frameless glass assemble together for imaging
The hidden power and control system render the display visually lighter and more streamlined, enhancing its agility.






Core technology-self-developed LED chip

LED chip integrates into LED bead,
which simplifies the circuit design,
and guarantees extremely high transparency.




Two-way drive has multiple safeguards

Drive-IN LED supports bidirectional drive.
Backing up data when a single point malfunctions,
signal self-starting and seamless switching,
Drive-IN LED, Drive-IN LED supports bidirectional drive.



An immersive

interactive experience Create interactive experiences with interactive devices.






waterproof design, high security

Glass dry laminating process complies with building regulations.
laminated glass has stable performance and high strengthen

IP65 protection grade,
Easily cope with severe weather such as high temperature, rain and snow,
High safety



modular installation, all-in-one solutions

Modular design for convenient installation and maintenance,width 1000mm
height 2000mm/2250mm/2500mm/2750mm/3000mm




Model LED Pixel Pitch(mm) Pixel/㎡ Standard panel size (mm) Panel display size(mm) Panel resolution Brightness(cd/㎡) Thickness(mm)
NSN10 NEX2121 W10.42XH10.42 96x96=9216 W1000*H2287 W1000*H2000 96x192 3500~4000 18.04
W1000*H2537 W1000*H2250 96x216
W1000*H2787 W1000*H2500 96x240
W1000*H3037 W1000*H2750 96x264
W1000*H3287 W1000*H3000 96x288
NSN8 NEX2121 W8.3XH8.3 120x120=14400 W1000*H2287 W1000*H2000 120x240 3500~4000 18.04
W1000*H2537 W1000*H2250 120x270
W1000*H2787 W1000*H2500 120x300
W1000*H3037 W1000*H2750 120x330
W1000*H3287 W1000*H3000 120x360

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