NSN series Glass LED Display

NSN series is a new kind of smart glass LED product approved by plenty of projects, providing new technology for retail windows and space designs. It’s the transparent tempered glass with the functionality of displaying sharp and vivid video media contents, transparency could be more than 90%. Customer experience and commercial value would get greatly improved by installing this product.

High transparency

seamless assembling

frameless design

modular design

energy saving

stable performance

Application area

Creative display solution(8)

Brand store window

Clearly display brands and products information, creating direct digital interaction with consumers.


Creative display solution(9)

Landscape lighting

Waterproof version NSN series is very popular in theme park lighting designs since it could be a remarkable lighting landscape for local cultural travel.


Creative display solution(10)

Public transportation

Public transportation is a high-value field for outdoor media, and NSN series could perfectly combine them together.


Creative display solution(11)

Indoor partition

Integrate into the original space, bringing more design inspirations while creating a futuristic and scientific atmosphere.Make full use of the space.


Creative display solution(10)


Serve as the outstanding backgrounds of the booths or car dealership showrooms, bringing unlimited immersive solutions.


Creative display solution(11)

Glass LED box

Express the space aesthetics by building a technically fashionable glass LED box.




Core Technology

Smart LED Emitting Technology

Drive-IN LED, Durable and stable

True 16Bit gray scale, Delicate and vivid color

Data backup, Low failure rate



All-In-One solution



High brightness & high resolution

Smallest pixel pitch reaches P4.63, brightness up to 5000cd/㎡.
Meet most commercial advertising and indoor / outdoor lighting needs



High transparency

Transparency more than 90%, indoor spaces will look as bright as ever!
Indoor spaces will stay bright without unobstructed views.



Frameless and Seamless display

True 16 Bit gray scale
Guaranteeing clear colors and contrasts
Playing perfect contents during daylight



Water resistant and dust resistant, safe and reliable

IP65 waterproof and dustproof,
weather resistance





Can be wiped and cleaned as normal glass




Energy saving,
Environment friendly,
Stability and durability

Nano materials, high temperature resistance,oxidation resistance, more stable;
Tempered glass panel, 5 times stronger than normal glass;
Dry lamination processed, stronger adhesion, higher safety factor.


modular installation, all-in-one solutions






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