XRL Customized solution for curtain walls

NEXNOVO LED transparent screen (XRL series) is a cost-effective standard customized product designed for glass curtain wall. High resolution, high brightness, and easy installation.

Applications: Glass curtain walls of commercial buildings, landmark buildings, office buildings, venues, etc.

High resolution, high brightness


High brightness

Easy installation


high brightness
clearly visible in daylight

High refresh rate, high contrast ratio, brightness up to 4500~7500 units, clearer playing content


Modular design, customization

Adapt to various curtain wall keel structures/completed glass curtain walls, simple structure, easy installation, time-saving and labor-saving operation and maintenance


Simple and transparent, well ventilated and lighted

Transparency 74%~85%, thickness of each PCB is 1.9mm makes high transparency.



Core technology

Patented technology - National invention patent



This unique design of mounting the LED lamps at the edge of the PCB and the conductive copper inside allows for faster and more uniform heat conduction.
ensuring that the IC is evenly distributed and there is no color aberration.




High quality LED lamps



High Brightness



Long life span



The LED lamps used in outdoor displays have high brightness and color consistency, as well as anti-UV and moisture-proof properties, ensuring a long lifespan.
The use of matte encapsulation enhances color balance, and an all-black housing increases contrast ratio.



Standard cabinet

Standard 1000mmx500mm cabinet, 7KG/pc,
Less than 1/2 weight of regular LED display, no extra steel structure needed




Single cabinet applications





Easy installation and maintenance

Fixed and hanging installation
Easy installation with modular connectors for cabinets
Modular design, modules and PCB strips can be disassembled independently for quick maintenance.




Model LED Pixel Pitch Cabinet size (WxH)(mm) Cabinet Resolution Transparency Brightness(CD/㎡)
XRL3.9 SMD1921 3.91 x 7.82 1000 x 1000 256 x 128 76% 5000-6000
XRL8 SMD1921 7.82 x 7.82 1000 x 1000 128 x 128 76% 5000-6000
SMD2727 70% 6500-7500
XRL10 SMD1921 10.42 x 10.42 1000 x 1000 96 x 96 82% 5000-6000
SMD2727 77% 6500-7500
XRL16 SMD1921 15.63 x 15.63 1000 x 1000 64 x 64 88% 3000-3500
SMD2727 85% 6500-7500

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