NJ Series Transparent LED display

The NJ series transparent LED display is a customized solution for retail stores' glass window advertising needs. With its flexible module size selection, it seamlessly fits various glass window sizes without compromising the window's transparency. Offering high-definition resolution, it ensures that the message conveyed through the display is delivered with maximum clarity and impact.

The NJ series finds wide application in diverse settings, including brand chain stores, enterprise lobbies, exhibition halls, meeting rooms, brand retail stores, automobile 4S stores, bank halls, telecom halls, gas stations, science and technology museums, and cultural experience halls, to name a few.

High brightness

High resolution

Frameless design

Light and thin

Standard cabinet

Easy installation

High brightness 5000-6000nit
Clearly visible in daylight

High resolution High transparency
Transparency up to 80%

Mini pixel pitch can be 2.6mm, perfect presentation for PPT, promotional videos, etc. A natural indoor atmosphere is achievable due to high transparency


No horizontal frame, simple and elegant

Adopt simple design to improve the transparency of the screen and reduce the weight of the screen





Ultra thin

As thin as 9mm

Saving installation space

Ultra light


Less labor and shipping cost






Standard cabinet

Industrialized cabinet design, simple and elegant, splice out any large screen size quickly and easily






Easy installation convenient maintenance

Fixed / hung installation
Modular connectors for cabinet connection, easy installation
Modular design, modules and PCB strips can be disassembled independently for quick maintenance.


Loosen the screw in the middle of the module, take out and replace the module in the direction of the arrow

Disassemble the cabinet from bottom to top.


Model LED Pixel Pitch(mm) Cabinet size(WxH)(mm) Cabinet Resolution Brightness(CD/㎡) Max.Power(W/㎡) Avg.Power(W/㎡) Transparency
NJ2.6 SMD1515 2.61x5.68 813x500/1000x500/1156x500 312x88/384x88/442x88 4500~5800 800 240 72%
813x750/1000x750 312x132/384x132
NJ3.38 SMD1515 3.38x6.94 813x500/1000x500/1156x500 240x72/296x72/342x72 4500~5800 800 240 77%
813x750/1000x750 240x108/296x108
NJ3.9 SMD1515 3.91x7.82 813x500/1000x500/1156x500 208x64/256x64/296x64 4500~5800 800 240 80%
813x750/1000x750 208x96/256x96

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