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The Glass LED curtain wall combines light transmission and perspective with video display capabilities, making it the ultimate form of curtain wall for modern cities. Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and technology.

Novo Glass LED is on a mission to revolutionize the construction industry. This technology creates visually stunning buildings while retaining the functionality of glass. With tens of millions of square meters of glass curtain walls being constructed or renovated each year, this emerging market presents a 10 billion dollar opportunity.

Novo Glass LED curtain wall features

Building walls
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Novo Glass LED offers Ultra HD image performance and high brightness, providing exquisite content outcomes that capture the audience's attention both day and night. This enhances the effectiveness of advertisements, increasing brand exposure for your business.

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With super high transparency and no sight or lighting blocking, providing stunning visual displays without hindering natural light.

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Novo Glass LED seamlessly integrates with building curtain walls

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Glass LED works in two forms: Behind the window or as a construction component

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Customize sizes for perfect fit with building curtain wall structures.

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CCC certified high density industrial tempered glass

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NovoGlass LED curtain wall has undergone and passed four safety and reliability tests, including GB and ASTM standards, ensuring its quality and reliability.

Curtain wall classifications

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Frame-supported curtain wall

NEXNOVO's transparent led display can be customized to fit behind frame-supported curtain walls, providing an unobstructed view of natural light while offering high-quality display performance.

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All-glass curtain wall

NEXNOVO offers two types of all-glass curtain walls - seat type and hanging type. The regular transparency LED screen can be installed behind the frame-supported curtain wall, while the Novo glass LED can be used to replace the glass installation or installed behind the curtain wall for rear installation, providing a variety of options for customers.

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Point-supported glass curtain wall

The point-supported curtain wall is divided into claw type and clamp type. Nexnovo regular transparency LED screen is suitable for the rear installation, and the Novo glass LED can be used for the rear installation or replace the glass installation.

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Glass LED Guardrails

Replace original Guardrails


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Experience the future with our new environmentally friendly curtain wall materials.

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Experience the perfect blend of urban landscape lighting and building curtain wall.

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3D immersive experience

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Multimedia display

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