About Us


10+ years of industrial experience


20000sqm production base


2 shareholders of public companies


2000+ project cases


50+ patents


shipping to 70+ countries and regions


Inventor and Manufacturer of transparent led displays
NEXNOVO has gained the trust and support of leading public companies such as KIN LONG (002791) and ABSEN (300389) who are now shareholders, solidifying its position in the industry.

NEXNOVO's innovative transparent LED displays have revolutionized the advertising industry. With its commitment to technology innovation and strict quality control, NEXNOVO has become a recognized National High-Tech Enterprise. The company's factory floor, spanning 20,000 sqm, is equipped with high-tech production facilities and inspection instruments to ensure superior competitive advantages and added value for its partners. With headquarters in Shenzhen, NEXNOVO has expanded to include offices in Beijing and Shanghai, and its products are used in a wide range of environments, including airports, train stations, shopping malls, and more.

NEXNOVO's dedication to developing and producing transparent LED displays has resulted in widespread applications in retail, commercial centers, airports, financial institutions, car showrooms, trade shows, media architecture, and transport hubs.

NEXNOVO's newest 92% transparent glass LED, launched in 2019, is driven by technology innovation and can display sharp and vivid media content, ushering in a new era of smart glass LED displays.

NEXNOVO has 2 core patented technologies - PCB transparent LED and NovoGlass, and is the only professional manufacturer of transparent LED displays powered by an integrated industrial production chain.

NEXNOVO prioritizes quality in its corporate philosophy and invests in technology innovation, which includes building a new QC laboratory. These efforts have created competitive advantages and added value for partners.

Production Facilities

NEXNOVO has offices in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shanghai, and a 20,000sqm factory floor. They have a large glass production base for NovoGlass, equipped with high-tech production facilities and inspection instruments.

Brand Culture

NEXNOVO-For next innovation

Corporate Mission

NEXNOVO is committed to providing world-class solutions and services that increase commercial values for their partners.!

Corporate vision

NEXNOVO shines globally, providing innovative LED display solutions.


Being responsible and respectful
NEXNOVO is committed to scientific management, ensuring quality and reliability.
NEXNOVO is constantly pursuing knowledge and innovation with an open mind.

Work Bottom-line

Never ever violate the law and cheat customers
Never ever take advantage of employees.
Never ever take advantage of suppliers.

Work Style

NEXNOVO is proactive, efficient, and pays great attention to details.

Spiritual vision

NEXNOVO is committed to pursuing craftsmanship in manufacturing and delivering excellent quality products to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Management style

NEXNOVO prioritizes sustainable management practices to ensure long-term solid growth and success.

Management Goal

NEXNOVO strives to establish itself as a platform that enables the realization of social and employee values, in addition to its business objectives, by promoting sustainability and corporate responsibility.


NEXNOVO has been certified with ISO9001,ISO14001 and approved with over 50 patents from home and abroad.

As well as certifications of FCC、CE、CCC、UL、ETL etc.

NP series won Design Award 2017 and another Design Award 2021 for NexEsign NT series

Won the 1st place in 2022 China (shenzhen) innovation & entrepreneurship international competition

NEXNOVO boasts influential reputation and brand recognition in terms of transparent led technology