NexBarrier Series Glass LED

The NB series is a revolutionary high-tech product that utilizes patented integrated-IC technology and nano film circuits. It delivers LED's display features, such as video and animation playback, while maintaining the transparent appearance of glass, with over 92% transparency. It maximizes the potential of commercial public spaces, allowing for unobtrusive advertising and bolstering the technology's image while boosting advertising revenue.

TThese barriers have a wide range of applications, including airports, train and metro stations, shopping malls, lounges, tourist sites, stadiums, plazas, and other public environments.

High resolution and high brightness

Transparent and simple


Modular design

Environmental friendly and energy-saving

Stable performance


High resolution and high brightness

Delicate and vivid color, brightness reach 5000nits which meets requirements of daytime advertising.

Application area

Creative display solution(8)

Shopping Mall Barrier

Quickly improve the business atmosphere of the malland make it eye-catching.Play dynamic ads to provide better promotion.


Creative display solution(9)

Cultural Tourism Landscape

Promote the integrated development of culture, business and tourism, create a new image of humanities and technology.


Creative display solution(10)

Overpass Guardrail

Beautify urban construction and develop urban space culture and value.


Creative display solution(11)

Landscape Lighting

Moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-collision, can be installed in an arc, has wide adaptability, and is safe & reliable in public scenes.






Core Technology

Smart LED Emitting Technology

Drive-IN LED, Durable and stable
True 16Bit gray scale, Delicate and vivid color
Data backup, Low failure rate




Modular Design

Easy to Install and Maintain







High Brightness & High Resolution

Smallest pixel pitch reaches P6, brightness up to 5000cd/㎡
Meet most commercial advertising and indoor / outdoor lighting needs.




High Transparency 85%~98%

The transparency of P20 pixel pitch is as high as 98%, which does not affect lighting or architectural effects.




Integrated with Guardrail

It is both a glass guardrail and an LED display





Strong & Reliable



Safety Guidelines for Outdoor Installation


Immersion under water is not allowed, though the
NB series is waterproof designed.

Drainage should be done according to the site condition.
A drain in per 10 m or low-lying area is suggested.





Energy saving,
Environment friendly,
Stability and durability

Nano materials, high temperature resistance,oxidation resistance, more stable;
Tempered glass panel, 5 times stronger than normal glass;
Dry lamination processed, stronger adhesion, higher safety factor.



Curved surface and corner installation




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