NexBarrier Series Glass LED

The NB series is a revolutionary high-tech product that utilizes patented integrated-IC technology and nano film circuits. It delivers LED's display features, such as video and animation playback, while maintaining the transparent appearance of glass, with over 92% transparency. It maximizes the potential of commercial public spaces, allowing for unobtrusive advertising and bolstering the technology's image while boosting advertising revenue.

TThese barriers have a wide range of applications, including airports, train and metro stations, shopping malls, lounges, tourist sites, stadiums, plazas, and other public environments.

High resolution and high brightness

Transparent and simple


Modular design

Environmental friendly and energy-saving

Stable performance


High resolution and high brightness

Delicate and vivid color, brightness reach 5000nits which meets requirements of daytime advertising.

Transparent and simple, integrated with balustrades

Up to 92% transparency, integrated with the main structure of balustrade. Minimalist and beautiful, with optional accessories.


Frameless design, flexibly select guardrail accessories

Infinitely assemble horizontally, direct replacement for guardrail glass installation. Integrating with the environment, protection and display dual value.






Core technology-self-developed LED chip

LED chip integrates into LED bead,
which simplifies the circuit design,
and guarantees extremely high transparency.




Two-way drive has multiple safeguards

Drive-IN LED supports bidirectional drive.
Backing up data when a single point malfunctions,
signal self-starting and seamless switching,
Drive-IN LED, Drive-IN LED supports bidirectional drive.






Waterproof design, high security

Glass dry laminating process complies with building regulations,
Passed authorized impact、wind resistance test,
High security.
IP65 protection grade,
Easily cope with severe weather such as high temperature, rain and snow.

Special attention:
Although NB photoelectric balustrade LED glass has a waterproof design,
it cannot be used immersed under water.
For outdoor installations, it's advisable to have a base of at least 5cm in height for the product's bottom.
Drainage should be done according to the site condition.
A drain in per 10 m or low-lying area is suggested.



Modular designs for easy installation

Modular designs for easier installation and maintenance
1000mm/1500mm Single panel display width 1000mm/1500mm




Model LED Pixel Pitch(mm) Pixel/㎡ Standard panel size (mm) Panel display size(mm) Panel resolution Brightness(cd/㎡) Thickness(mm)
NB10 NEX2121 W10.42 x H 9.8 96x102=9792 W1500*H1237 W1500*H1124 144*114 3000~3500 18.04
W1000*H1237 W1000*H1124 96*114
NB16 W 15.625 x H15 64x66=4224 W1500*H1237 W1500*H1124 96*74
W1000*H1237 W1000*H1124 64*74
NB20 W20.84 x H20.84 48x48=2304 W1500*H1237 W1500*H1124 72*54
W1000*H1237 W1000*H1124 48*54

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