LED photoelectric glass is a cutting-edge technological product that combines precision manufacturing, integrated chip design, control systems, cloud services, and other multidisciplinary technologies.
LED photoelectric glass is poised to transform various industries and sectors with its innovative features and adaptability. It has a broad range of target markets that include media, urban lighting, new building materials, exhibition shows, and many more areas. This revolutionary technology is not only a breakthrough in display technology but also a disruptive building material that is expected to pave the way for new market applications. Its unique form and versatility offer endless possibilities for multiple brand-new market applications.

About photoelectric glass



Laminated photoelectric glass


Insulating photoelectric glass


Core technology-self-developed LED chip

LED chip integrates into LED bead,

which simplifies the circuit design,

and guarantees extremely high transparency.

True 16 bit gray scale, delicate and vivid color.

Working with self-developed control system

ensures high-quality display quality of the whole screen.


Two-way drive has multiple safeguards

Drive-IN LED, Drive-IN LED supports bidirectional drive.

Backing up data when a single point malfunctions,

signal self-starting and seamless switching,

One damage lamp bead won’t affect the display of next lamp bead


With super-high transparency

up to 92%,

it could be used as building glass directly

Truly blend in with the environment



Modular design

various available dimensions

It supports personalized customization and has application flexibility.

High resolution and high brightness

high definition and exquisite picture quality

high-definition imaging could meet the requirements of different applications

5000nits,maximum brightness could reach 5000 nits

workable in daytime

Authorized test, safe and reliable

Using dry laminating process,

PVB/SGP interlayer is applied between the glass,

Lamination is carried out by high-pressure autoclave.

Glass laminating process conforms to common building practices and code approvals.

laminated glass has stable performance and high strengthen

Flexible application of the photoelectric glass four properties test

Application flexibility

Could be installed in combination with other building glass, like Low-E glass、insulated glass、tempered glass and more.