NEXNOVO NB series glass LED outdoor application

Product model: NB series
Screen Size: 32.4sqm㎡
Project Location: Chengdu
Project Time: 2021

This is another new amazing Novoglass LED project by NEXNOVO. It's located in a new park of the Pandas hometown--Chengdu. With 27pcs of high transparent NB series glass LED panels,making this 27m long new generation balustrade become a popular tourist attraction here. 






NB series is a new kind of glass LED screen researched and developed by NEXNOVO, using a high density industrial tempered glass as the base material, matched with NEXNOVO' s patented integrated-IC technology and its applied Nano film circuits. With over 92% high tranparency, it can show vivid advertising or art contents while serving as a glass balustrade.

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