NEXNOVO NSN Glass LED for Topnew Group in Beijing

Product model: NSN series
Screen Size: NSN 24㎡ & NJ 64㎡
Project Location: Beijing
Project Time: 2020

The garment workshop of the former Topnew factory has been transformed into a shared office hall of 8,000 square meters.

In the center of the hall, a large transparent screen (16 meters wide and 4 meters high) is very eye-catching.In fact, this is a high-tech transparent screen which made by NEXNOVO.

It looks like a transparent and fashionable glass , but it can be turned into a high-definition screen when having events.


When entering from the south door, the "Future Conference Room" is also attractive. Its front is a glass display with an area of 24 square meters, it is a whole piece glass without any beam frame when not lit up.This amazing glass house is made of the new generation of " NSN glass LED series" products of NEXNOVO Technology.



NSN Glass LED is a new type of building material, with high brightness, high transparency and high resolution, can be perfectly integrated with architectures.

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