Market Application

The entrance and exit is assured, set up access control; the entrance to the room, see the facade.

LED mobile door combines the practical value of a traditional glass door with the artistic value of creating scenes and integrating with the environment to showcase diversified spaces. It is also a perfect advertising screen that can be transformed from a traditional glass door in seconds, adding an additional layer of aesthetics to the space. The LED transparent screen applied in specific scenes has the added value of partitioning and shielding while creating an immersive environment.

LED automatic doors not only provide convenience but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of high-end creative stores, experience stores, hotels, buildings, company lobbies, banks, and exhibition halls, among other places, making them ideal for indoor office real estate marketing centers and institutions.

Mobile door scene application features

Sliding Door
Mobile door solutions(2)

Permeability up to 90% or more
Does not affect the line of sight and lighting

Mobile door solutions(3)

Directly replace the glass installation
Highly transparent and ultra-thin

Mobile door solutions(4)

Multiple sizes and types
Flexible options

Mobile door solutions(5)

Integrated with the doorway
Total design solution

Mobile door solutions(6)

Infrared heat sensing
Intelligent identification

Mobile door solutions(7)

Optional fingerprint password recognition
Remote control

Mobile door solutions(8)

Safe and durable, energy saving and environmental protection


Mobile door solutions(9)

Partition, shielding, display multiple values

Mobile door solutions(10)

Integrated design of the overall solution, saving heart and effort

Mobile door solutions(11)

Immersive experience

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