Huge Diamond-shaped Smart Glass Building Was Lighted Up in Wuxi, China

Author: admin   Release time: 2023-05-01  

Project Name: Jiangnan Joy City Shopping Mall---Giant Diamond Glass LED Facade

Project Location: Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

Product model: NE40 Novoglass LED display

Project area: >850㎡ (9150ft²)

Excellent Commercial Performance


Because of the excellent performance of this huge smart glass diamond building, just in the opening day, the shopping mall reached these very exciting numbers: 100K+ customer flow amount, US$ 1.2 million+ sales and 96% brands investment rate. 


Joy City NovoGlass LED project original site

Previous project site

Project site rendering with NEXNOVO transparent LED screen

Project rendering 

NEXNOVO Glass LED See through display

NEXNOVO Intelligent Glass-NovoGlass

Project site photos after the installation

Unlimited Visual Impacts Energize The City


This giant diamond-shaped LED media glass building is 30m (98.5ft) high. It’s made of NEXNOVO NE Series NovoGlass LED in 40 x 40mm pixel pitch.Total display area reaches 850㎡ (9150ft²). This mega glass LED display’s appearance is simple but artistical. Combining with the fashionable and magical contents, it brings the unparalleled visual enjoyment.

NEXNOVO holographic screen,hologram glass

Huge glass media facade working in the daytime

NEXNOVO Illuminated glass working as advertising led screen

NEXNOVO Glass LED outdoor screen,şeffaf led panel

Huge glass media facade working in the nighttime



As the leading solution provider and manufacturer of transparent led display and glass LED display, when making solutions for this great project, NEXNOVO wanted to have this ‘super diamond’ got rid of the limits of the aluminum profiles so that the whole installation structure could be light, simple and slender, in this way the facade could be very clear and transparent, which quite meet diamond’s features: grace, nature and purity.

NEXNOVO projection glass,Programmable LED Display

 Ultra transparent and clear look of the glass LED facade from inside, only facade and its structure could be seen


Perfect Immersive Commercial Space Design


The diamond structures used an exposed frame supported glass LED curtain wall system. The NovoGlass LED panels were connected to the aluminum alloy sub-frames with structural adhesive, and then fixed to the steel keel. The power and control system are hidden within the aluminum alloy structures. This new black-tech material functioned as both conventional glass curtain and media facade. When it’s powered on, the building is a ‘huge diamond-shaped media display’, and when it’s powered off, the building is still itself with the transparent facades. Unlike the conventional LED wall, the transparent glass LED wall never blocks the natural sun light into the building. The glass LED panels of the display are seamlessly integrated with the commercial building, enhancing the aesthetic of the shopping mall building.

NEXOVO LED Illuminated Glass Panels

The exposed frame supported glass LED curtain wall system


There were many concerns during the solution design stage, including the matching between different angles, the adjustability and adaptability of the different display panel surfaces, waterproof, etc. So the engineers had conducted simulation tests and parametric analysis again and again, to make sure the glass LED curtail wall is stable, strong and safe enough.

NEXNOVO Outdoor Advertising Display

NEXNOVO nice glass LED media facade 

Perfect matching between the different facade angles and surfaces


The diamond building’s structure is very complicated, so do its curtain walls, which have many kinds of shapes. So it brought many customizations to the glass LED panels--- 33 kinds of panel shapes, 76 kinds of display structures, 410 NovoGlass LED panels. The shapes included triangles, rhombuses, rectangles, trapezoids, etc. So many challenges in design, production and installation. For better operation, the building facade’s visible area was divided into 9 great sections for NovoGlass LED screen, while the remaining area in blind side was for normal building glass.

NEXNOVO Architechture design

NEXNOVO Huge Programmable Led Sign

NEXNOVO glass LED display

Manage the shapes and joints scientifically



Working with the local AV system integrator partner, NEXNOVO provided a turnkey solution from concept design to installation, including hardware (transparent glass LED screen panels and installation accessories), software (content management) and service (solution design, project management, installation, configuration, etc). Also monitored the quality, stability and precision control of the NovoGlass LED panels during production and installation.

NEXNOVO glass LED solution and transparent LED solution

NEXNOVO transparent glass LED design

NEXNOVO high clear led screen

NEXNOVO Partner Installation Site

NEXNOVO lighting sculpture and glass video wall

NEXNOVO led glass

We care about every details


Joy City, upgraded with NovoGlass LED display, now became the well known landmark of the city. When it’s mentioned, people would think of the huge digital diamond. The success of this iconic huge project perfectly presented NEXNOVO’s capability in the industry. NEXNOVO, the inventor and manufacturer of transparent LED display, keeps innovating in its key markets by constantly upgrading its technologies and solutions.Its NovoGlass LED display, a revolutionary technology, is bringing the architecture and space design into a new era!

NEXNOVO transparent led curtain and see thru led display

Busy and colorful shopping mall in the evening