Giant Chinese LED Display--The First LED Glass Facade in Brazil by NEXNOVO

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News published by Brazil mainstream media on Jun 21st, 2024

Recently, a giant LED glass facade at a financial institution in São Paulo, made a BIG HIT in Brazil. A local mainstream media reported (translated from the original Portuguese article): In an unprecedented initiative outside of China, the facade was equipped with a sophisticated LED Glass screen, introducing a pioneering concept of out-of-home communication.

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The glass LED product of this facade project is also called ‘NovoGlass', powered by NEXNOVO. It offers a unique combination of transparency, brightness and vivid display image functions, allowing its glass LED panels to be integrated into building architecture aesthetically and almost invisibly, without compromising internal vision and natural light while providing a vibrant visual display. This breakthrough represents a significant milestone in the area of digital communication, offering a sustainable and technologically-advanced alternative to traditional building facades.

June 20th, 2024, the LED Glass facade was successfully completed.

The installation of the LED Glass screen on the facade of the building is a historic achievement, and is also an great example of the potential of international partnerships bringing technological innovations to the worldwide. NEXNOVO, the leader in the transparent led display industry, provided whole comprehensive solution from design to installation. This new smart glass media facade not only exceeded expectations, but also garnered significant attentions from Brazilian authorities. 

A Sustainable and Technologically Friendly Solution

With the installation of this LED glass facade, São Paulo is positioned at the forefront of digital communication, adopting solutions with functionality, sustainability and aesthetics.

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Eduardo Sá Marchioro, founder and CEO of Promarc/Elite LED, highlights the importance of this innovation for the Brazilian market. "We are bringing cutting-edge technology that redefines the visual communication standards in urban environments, and our goal is to offer solutions that not only meet market demands, but also promote sustainability and energy efficiency." he said.

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We care about every details in the project

Our partner, Promarc/Elite LED, with more than 22 years of experience in the market and presence in Brazil, the United States and China, strengthened its position in the national and international market through a strategic partnership with the Arnone Group. This conglomerate of companies and organizations, focusing on sustainability and more than 25 years of experience in the market, is represented by its Chairman Alexandre Arnone and its Managing Partner in Brasilia, Sostenes Marchezine. "This collaboration expands our abilities to explore new business opportunities, with physical headquarters in São Paulo, Brasília and Rio de Janeiro, and structured operations throughout Brazil" said Alexandre. And Sostenes added: "We are excited to contribute to the expansion of LED Glass technology in Brazil and abroad, bringing innovative and sustainable solutions to the market."

In fact, this is not the first time that the our international partners gave compliments to NEXNOVO. Famous brands like Nike, Givenchy, and Mercedes Benz, etc, have already chosen NEXNOVO as their preferred product for their stores and media facades years ago.

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NEXNOVO, dedicated to quality control, technological research and development, provides customers with the high quality and innovative products that meet market demands. This giant LED glass has dazzled architects, engineers, and brand owners in Brazil, allowing "Chinese Technology" to shine globally.

Lastly, thanks our partner for the kind recognition: 

"We are very satisfied with your works, thank you for your dedication and everything you've done, see you in the next project!"

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Partner used the translator to translate their Portuguese words into Chinese