2021 NEXNOVO's classic projects in China

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With the trust and support of customers,NEXNOVO has achieved remarkable performance in 2021.

Let's review some of the projects in 2021. 

1.Real estate marketing center--Henan,China

This majestic solution has more than 100 customized LED lamp strips enabling the display to harmonize with the overall architectural design of the building structure. 


2.Cultural buildings--Shunyi,Beijing

A series of cultural buildings such as the Cultural Center, Library, Museum, and the Grand Theatre in Shunyi district, Beijing were all equipped with NEXNOVO’s transparent led displays.


3.New Taurus Park--Chengdu,China

With 27pcs of high transparent NB series glass LED panels,making this 27m long new generation balustrade become a popular tourist attraction.


4.Real estate marketing center--Hefei,China

With the help of NEXNOVOs NW film screen, this building became a new landmark.


5.R&F Ocean Culture city--Hainan, China

NEXNOVOs Novo-Glass can be used as curtain wall of the building directly. 10 pcs of NSN series used as curtain wall made this sales office became vivid.

6.Shengyang Middle Street--China

This project is a fantastic example on how NEXNOVO solutions can deliver the perfect fusion between culture, creativity and experience! 

7.Children's Hospital--Urumqi, China

Both NE Novo-Glass & NW film series from NEXNOVO were installed at the Childrens Hospital in China. Giving the hospital a sense of cutting edge technology, using the displays for calming, relaxing and providing general information without disrupting the openness of the spaces.


8.Ceiling transparent LED displays--Zhuhai,China

NEXNOVO’s custom designed transparent LED display in circular shapes, transforming any ceilings into a magical overhead space. Give your audience an eyeful with virtual skies!

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