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LED strip (PCB) up-close


Picture 1


Picture 2

As you see in the above images, the LED positioning is obviously different between the two pictures, illustration #1 – shows the NEXNOVO mounting patented solution, the LEDs are welded on the side of the strip. Illustration #2 – shows the way other factories are required to install their LEDs, top mounted on the strip. This is also called side emitting. Now, since the NEXNOVO’s solution is facing directly the viewer’s eyes, it is referred as “front-emitting”. This means, that the content will be viewed definitely better in multiple angles and not to forget, give you more transparency!

Color sharpness performance on RGB positioning


Picture 3

NEXNOVO’s side-mounting or top mounting, for a full-color LED display, the lamps have all similar mechanism to generate colorful light composed of Reds, Greens and Blues, called (RGB) chips.


Picture 4

However, the RGB chips in NEXNOVO’s side-mounted lamp solution are set up in a vertical positioning way, (See the above illustration #3) to understand this better. Other factories top-mounted LED solutions, the RGB chips are set in a horizontal way. (See the above illustration #4)

What does it change? 


On a top-mounted horizontal positioning RGB chip solution (See above illustration #5) you will notice a predominant color, depending on which side you are viewing the display from. 

This is caused by the horizontal placement of the RGB chips. So from a left viewing angle, the RED will be the predominant color. From a right viewing angle, the Blue will be the predominant color. 

By using NEXNOVO’s vertical RGB chips positioning solution this situation will not be a factor!  Even more, this will give your displays the best viewing and color balance possible.


NEXNOVO’s solution also includes a customized housing for the RGB Chips which incorporates a special lens that will act as a light diffuser. Thus creating an even smoother color balance that no other existing solution can achieve. (See above illustration #6)

The true viewing angles


Picture 7


Picture 8

Again the differences are caused by offered solutions. The NEXNOVO side-mounted lamps are fully exposed without any physical obstruction of the strip ( PCB ) (See above illustration #7) This will give viewers a true 160° degree exposure.   In a top-mounting solution, the lamps will bear some obstruction by the strip (PCB) causing a lower direct viewing angle. (See above illustration #8)

Reliability & Stability

Reliability is key for NEXNOVO, after spending years researching on how to create the most stable way to attach the LED lamps to the strips (PCB) our 3D SMT technology was developed and patented world-wide by the founder of NEXNOVO, Mr.Barton Lin.


This technology is exclusive to NEXNOVO products, giving our screens the best stability in the transparent led display market. The stronger the connection between the LED lamp itself and the strip, (PCB) the less chances of faulty, dropping or color changes the displays will occur during their life span.  The NEXNOVO 3D SMT solution is so strong, that it requires 40N of force before breaking loose one of the LED lamps. Whereas the other brands can only offer about 10N of force before having their LED lamps detaching themselves from the strip (PCB). Sometimes, the displays will need to endure more than 10N of G-force during shipping!

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