NEXNOVO 3D SMT technology

Author: 小编   Release time: 2023-01-06  

Through concentrated research and development on the PATENTED original 3D SMT technology, NEXNOVO has managed to maximize unparalleled transparency and reliability with front facing led lamps. Growing numbers of professionals & customers are recognizing the advantages of NEXNOVO’s technology over other numerous similar products. Understanding the differences is important for choosing the right product.

NEXNOVO invented the 3D SMT technology and it has been patented globally. The led lamps are mounted on the edge of the strip (PCB) and then securely soldered onto a surface formed by four (4) distinct pads. It requires over 40N ( about 4kg ) of force to unhook a NEXNOVO lamp from the strip. This procedure insures only the best electrical connection possible, illuminating the possibilities for intermittent ‘’on / off ‘’ LED lights or and premature end-of-life of the LED lamp itself. Click on video below, left or right to view the animation. 

3D SMT Technology

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