NEXNOVO helps you to build an alive showcase

Author: NEXNOVO   Release time: 2019-09-02  

NEXNOVO helps you to build an alive showcase

Showcase-As one of the most important elements for visual marketing, it's been widely used for the retail stores of fashion brands.

But beside those experts of display managers, only a few administrators of these stores can realize the benefit of showcases.


In fact, most of the retailers they don't even understand what exactly visual marketing is.

It is impolite to them but it's true. There are varieties of showcases all around the world, but just a few of them are remarkable. However, an impressive showcase is still a nice way to improve eye catching and increase sales.

As an important part of a shop’s image, showcase will penetrate the whole shopping period of clients. Brand visual marketing system includes texts, lights, colors and other elements of the showcase. So the clients' attentions of the showcase will greatly affect their willing to walk into the store or not.


NEXNOVO Smart Poster is a new solution to offer the convenience of showcase advertising, just one click to launch the advertising on the phone; thousands of available templates, each chain store can post their brand cultures or promotions to their potential customers.

NEXNOVO Smart poster's feature is DIY model of advertising. Exclusive templates can be remote controlled by APP, and combine with online and offline promotions to increase sales.

Sharing advertising models, maximum the commercial value of showcase business by sharing the advertising resources.


The NEXNOVO APP easy poster, fast making for exclusive advertising, varieties of templates. Easily to get great ideas and lower the costs for each shop owners.

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1. NEXNOVO has a generous database of images and cartoons; you can create a decent design on the smart poster. Just choose the contents you want from free or customized templates, and upload it to your smart poster through our APP. 

2. NEXNOVO designing team spent plenty of time to create free, easy editing and high-end templates, you can create outstanding contents on our smart posters.

         No inspiration today? You can try custom design services.

NEXNOVO smart poster, make your showcase alive!

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