8 Words You Must Know about Transparent LED Display (Part II)

Author: NEXNOVO   Release time: 2019-06-14  

8 Words You Must Know about transparent led display (Part II)

Hello Everyone, here is part II of my series article. Last time I shared 4 words about transparent LED Display, now it’s the other 4 words, enjoy!


Here is another important word for transparent LED diaplay. If you choose the wrong brightness, you will find the content is invisible under sunlight. For a window with sunlight directly, the LED brightness should never less than 6000 nits. For an indoor display without too much light, 2000~3000 nits will be fine, it’s more cost-efficient and energy-saving and avoiding light pollution as well.

In a word, the brightness depends on the lights' environment, glass color, playing time range of screens, etc. 


Cabinet Dimension 

Every big format video wall consists of numbers of the cabinet, just like LEGO. The cabinet design enables the screens are easy to be packed, transported and installed.

For each cabinet, it forms by a few “module”. The module can be replaced when the whole screen installed for years, users don’t need to change all screen if some lamps were damaged. It’s a kind of high availability and cost-saving maintenance design. 


Valid Display Dimension

This phrase refers to the area where truly has lamps and pixels. As the cabinet has frames on both sides, that’s means the display size mostly smaller than cabinet size. You need to pay more attention to this when calculating and video-producing. 


Refresh Rate

This word is a little bit complicated compared to others. To be simple, it stands for how many frames the LED can display each second, its unit is Hz. “360 Hz” means the screen can draw 360 images per second; Additionally human eyes will feel flicker once a refresh rate less than 360 Hz.

NEXNOVO products’ refresh rate ranges from 1920Hz to 5770Hz as per different requirements, it completely satisfied the camera shot and eliminate flicker in photos. 


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