An Unique Application - Transparent LED Sliding Door by NEXNOVO

Author: NEXNOVO   Release time: 2019-06-22  

An Unique Application - Transparent LED Sliding Door by NEXNOVO


NEXNOVO always innovates, bringing you the most creative solutions using transparent LED products. We not only sell screens but also create concepts! After setting up the eye-catching transparent LED sliding doors at the ISE 2019 show in Amsterdam, many attendees were totally amazed by the quality, brightness, sharpness and the absolute creativity of this idea!  Please read on and see what others have experienced!


NEXNOVO NS sliding door series are designed for the most creative retail stores and corporate offices in the world. Advertising and creating brand name awareness in a new way is our motto and we strive to bring to the markets the most innovative solutions! The transparent LED doors are the perfect replacement of the traditional front entrance glass doors. NEXNOVO transparent LED sliding doors are more like artworks than simple building equipment. 


NS series are designed for maximum transparency and high resolution content. They are mostly used for high impact retails stores, flagship locations, shopping malls and corporate headquarters. Although the NS series are mainly used for sliding doors they are also incorporated as wall partitions to insure brand recognition, privacy dividers and simply office work of arts! As you can see many vertical markets can benefit from NEXNOVO’s creativity!


Key Features:

* No limitation on the width of your design

* Having dynamic advertising, brand recognition content, which requires no physical intervention, will save on cost and keep homogeneity. 

* Sacrificing natural light is now a thing of the past with NEXNOVO transparent led screens.

*Saving time and energy, changing the content and messages has never been so easy.

*Display what you need display and when you want to show it! Just in time reactivity is key!


Key Technical Features:

*High brightness hitting: 5000-5500 nits, adjustable to the required environments. From direct sunlight to interior offices wall partitions, we have the perfect brightness!

*High transparency: more than 72% will give you maximum visibility and let the daylight flow in your spaces.

*Easy installation is key, lightweight and fast setups will make you save time and energy


If you are ready to make your new spaces; entrances, windows, office wall dividers or any other creative ideas you might have come alive, make sure to contact us at NEXNOVO. 


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