NEXNOVO’s Glass LED Display lighted the landscape belt of the ‘Heart of Min River’

Author: NEXNOVO   Release time: 2022-07-27  

The new landmark of the ‘Heart of Min River’ has been lit up in group and has become an important media window to display the culture of Mindu city to the world, which is reported successively by many mainstream media in Fuzhou and also CCTV channels. 

With its superior performance and the advantages of many completed project references, NEXNOVO's Glass LED Display has been applied in the construction of the quality improvement project "Two Rivers and Four Banks of Shores", giving unexpected vitality of science and technology to the interface landscape along the river.

The total area of the project is around 210m². With the application of NEXNOVO balustrade series NB and retail series NSN, the project has integrated different cultures of Mindu, maritime silk route and wharf, which has become a must-visit popular spot in Fuzhou for both local citizens and tourists. 

Along the Min River Wharf, the 90m long NB series balustrade from Nexnovo is not just eye-catching but also adding mysterious charm to the Min River.  The column and horizontal steel beam on the ground are welded together to hold the balustrade display in position, which guarantees the stability, practical performance and aesthetics of the security fence.When not lit, the transparent balustrade display is perfectly integrated with the ambient atmosphere.

Youth Square is known as the "Fuzhou version of the Bund Square". The 41-meter-long Glass LED Display NSN series stretches along the arc of the waterfront of the square, which becomes spotlight of the urban landscape park, showing visitors and audience the picturesque scenery of Fuzhou.



Youth Bridge is known as "the most beautiful bridge in Fuzhou".

With an European castle as the skeleton and glass LED window screens as the decoration, it can display a variety of dazzling colors, making the bridge more scientific and technological.



Typhoons and storms are regular visitors in coastal areas and the extreme weather brings all kinds of challenges to the Glass LED screens, NEXNOVO’s Glass LED screens guarantee the stability and safety through strict quality inspection.


NEXNOVOs Glass LED Display uses safety building tempered glass certified by CCC and has passed the testing of authoritative certification agencies. The dry lamination process is adopted, which has better waterproof, explosion-proof and wind pressure resistance performances; the steel beam frames of the balustrade display NB series adopt thick double-plate vertical keels while its bottom is connected and fixed with high-strength bolts and steel frame, which is easy for installation and reliable in strength; The non-standard adapter of the vertical keel is customized with precision casting technology to ensure stable force against any deformation; the two large window screens NSN series of Youth Bridge are specially casted with glass ribs in the middle to assist against wind pressure. The excellent product quality and flexible solutions are highly praised by customers worldwide. 

NEXNOVO’s Glass LED Display has successfully lighted the landscape belt of the ‘Heart of Min River’, which is an important practice for Fuzhou to continuously accelerate the process of building a modern international city.In future, NEXNOVO will continue to integrate all resource advantages, deepen the field of glass led screens subdivisions and become participant and witness of more historical process of modern urban constructions. 

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